Ju-Jitsu translates as the gentle art.  Although the techniques are designed to cause pain and can look scary to some, Ju-Jitsu is actually about controlling the opponent with minimum effort.  Locks, strikes and throws are just some of the skills of Ju-Jitsu.

The origin of Ju-Jitsu is unknown. However it is know that the samurai used Ju-Jitsu in battle as it was the most effective way of using the weak points of the armour to attack the joints. Ju-Jitsu is known as the mother art and judo, aikido and karate are born from it.

The style of Bushido Ju-Jitsu is not about learning to be the ultimate fighter.  We initially use little movement teach the body and brain to relax and move in a way that will prevent injury.  We learn to react to an attacker and defend ourselves from many kinds of an attack. As the range of movements increases and as we improve our techniques, we learn to move our body to throw our attacker off balance.
After about a year of training you will be able to see a technique, break it down into it’s component parts and put your own mark upon it.  At this stage you will begin to develop your own style of Ju-Jitsu.
Not long after starting your Ju-Jitsu journey you will be looking around you in your every day life and identifying potential dangerous situation, making mental calculations and ensuring you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  The speed that this becomes an automated process will amaze you

First lesson will be FREE, you will then have 1 month trial period and if you decide you want to continue training in this art then there is a joining membership fee of £30.00 that is required which covers your insurance cost for your first year as well as your licence book and club badge.

Rensei Kyle Burks 5th Dan 

Chief Instructor and Founder of Bushido Ju-Jitsu, First aider, Chiled protection officer
DBS checked, fully insured, Approved Instructor with Jiu jitsu international,
Levle 1 Instructors under MAIUK

I have been studying the art of Ju-Jitsu since June 1998. where i started in my home town of Witham in Essex at my local sport centre.

i was 12 years old at this time and saw a martial arts demonstration of Ju-Jitsu, performed by Sensei Clive Blackeby 2nd Dan, founder of the Kyu Shin Ryu Ju-Jitsu School, this is where i was to start my study in to the world of martial arts.

In 2002 i was graded for my Black Belt where Sensei Clive and  Sensei Terry Gornall 4th Dan put me through a grading like no other,  sweat, tears and pain to push me until i could bearly stand, i had given everything i had and then they asked me  for 100 push ups and 100 sit ups to finish the grading. i gathered the last ounce of energy i had and began pushing my body, on and on untill they shouted Yamai - stop! i had completed the Grading. i was congratulated by all Sensei's, Sempei's and all the Uki's who turned up to help push me on to the end.

in 2003 our Sensei became ill and was unable to carry on teaching and the Kyu Shin Ryu class had to close. i had moved away and decided to open a school of my own and got to work on this.

in 2004 with only six students, in the town of Halstead, Essex we opened our doors and begain teaching our own style of ju-jitsu which teaches a free style of self-defence.

i carryed on under the BNMAA  Governing body Paul Griffing 7th Dan attending weekend tainging sessions and seminars in till 2007 where i left the BNMAA.

I then join Soke Kevin Pell 8th Dan and the Ishin Ryu Ju jitsu for the quality was and standard was much grater. seminars and courses within europ were outstanding.

In 2012 my club then closed down unfortunately. but that did not stop me in my training and i set out to find a style of martal art that would accompany my style of ju jitsu 

2015 saw the reopening of the Bushido class in Coggeshall under IMASA Governing Body witch offered insurance But  no course or seminars so they had to go.

In March 2016 was sensei's first seminar with Jiu Jitsu international after speaking to long time contact Paulin Holmes over in Ireland and begain his studdy in the Martial art of Kyujutsu ( the Japaneses long bow ) wich with the help of his new friend Sensei Martin Westbrook, has now taken up this art and is working on achiving his black belt in the art. In September Kyle has been invited to train in the Martial art of Kenjutsu (The Japanese sword). Sensei has always practiced in the way of the sword but now is also working towards his black belt in the YBR KenJutsu.

2018 Soke Richard Morris Awarded me with my 5th Dan certificate and awarded me the title of Renshi for my outstanding teaching efforts and am now a polished instructor

Assiastant Instructor's of Bushido Ju-Jitsu

Julie Franks 3rd Kyu 

Susannan Musk 5th Kyu 

My first Ju-Jitsu class was in February 2016 when Sensei Kyle Burks opened a dojo in Kelvedon. 
I wasn’t sure what to expect but by the end of the 2 hours I was hooked and wanted to learn more.

With each grade came a desire to learn more.  Each lesson I am amazing more by how the body works.

When my son started in the Juniors class I found myself jumping on the tatami and helping out.  Before long I was wearing my gi weekly and helping in the junior’s classes.  This is where my learning really began.

In November 2017 when I was awarded my 4th Kyu I was honoured to be appointed Assistant Instructor

Approved Assiastant Instructor with Jiu jitsu international

Approved Assiastant Instructor with Cobra Martial arts Levle 2

Junior Coache's / Cadet Leaders of Bushido ju-jitsu

Scarlett Burks
3rd Kyu Purple Belt
Cadet leader levle 3  at
Coggeshall DoJo

Victoria Ingleness
5th Kyu Green Belt
Cadet leader levle 3  at
Coggeshall DoJo

Amy Pellowe
3rd Kyu Purple Belt
Cadet leader levle 3  at
Coggeshall DoJo