Monthly payments
Monthly payments to be paid at the beginning of each month

Juniors £20.00 per month
Adults £28.00 per month
 Joining membership fee of £30.00 that is required which covers your insurance cost for your first year as well as your licence book and club badge.
(insurance renewals £10.00)

Payment can be made in to the club account
account number: 92955945 Sort code: 08-71-99
All items will have a P&p charge added to the bill so please ask for a qoute
  1. Club Badges
    Club Badges
    Club badges cost £7.00
  2. Membership books
    Membership books
    Membership book Cost £14.00 with these books comes Insurance from Jiu jitsu International witch cost £10.00 a year. to become a member of Bushido ju-jitsu dojo a price of £30.00 for the year. witch you will receive 1 club badge, licence book and insurance to train in the Martial arts.
  3. Cuff links
    Cuff links
    £8.00 for the pair
  4. Key Ring
    Key Ring
    Club key rings at £3.00
  5. Back Prints
    Back Prints
    Our back Art work of the dojo that a local company can transfer on to your GI's Hoodie's Jacket's T-shirts or any other garments you require. you can also have you name printed on the back at no ex charge The cost of this is £10.00
  6. Club Flip Flops
    Club Flip Flops
    Well why not. Have your own image put on to a personalised flip flop. £10.00
  7. Club T-shirt
    Club T-shirt
    Xsmall Small Medium Large X Large